tutorial to..live?

What to take?:
-bowl of glass
-photos, that mean sth
-big stones, to write on
-blossom, or sth else that shows "beauty"

When to make?:
-hopeless situation
-sad situation
-empty-inside situation
-aware situation

How to make?:
1 Think about what went wrong in your life, think about the things you want to change, about sth that hurts you, that you want to forget. Draw it on a piece of paper, think a last time 'bout it..and then "destroy" it and hide it in the sand, it seems to sink and sometimes to be decomposed.
2 Then take something that represents beauty for you, something that is wonderful and timeless in the same way. Hide it, too. Everything will be beautiful, when you try to see it with love.
3 Take the stones. Think about what's important in your life. Think about the things you want to appreciate more in the future, what are THE things to set priority on.
4 Put them into the bowl. They now have a strong base.
5 Put it somewhere, where you can see it everyday, where you can never forget, where you'll always be reminded, i put it on my desk. Right next to school stuff. Isn't it ironic?

Stay close to life.
I'm back.

gewidmet dem menschen, der mich dazu inspiriert hat und zu einem glücklichen mädchen macht.T.


  1. what a wonderful idea. I will do that, soon!
    And a perfect song.(; many kisses, my dear friend.

  2. Naja also mega viel Handcreme ist nicht drin in der Eule.
    Aber ich dachte mir sobald diese leer ist, wasch ich die Eule aus und kauf ne andere Handcreme aus der Tube und drück die dann einfach da rein :D

  3. ja, das hab ich selber gemacht ! :):)